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Landlords: The basic smoke detection is mains battery linked smoke detectors or heat detector looking after the exit route out of a occupied building. This relates to any new house or any 2 story dwelling that is rented accomadation. 2 story being ground floor and 1st floor. the smoke detectors should be tested and a certificate issued on completion of works. You are also required to maintain the detection on a regular basis and further paper work issued on each inspection.

We have all seen and used stand alone battery smoke detectors and when the battery runs low they give a very annoying pulsed signal to bring to your attention that the battery needs replacing. How many of us have just removed the battery and left the unit not working? Well that puts us in danger straight away. The regulations were changed to tackle this problem, all new built houses are fitted with mains + battery smoke / heat detectors as part of the fabric of the building, this took care of the battery running low. The other improvement was the detectors were all linked together, if one activated, they all activated giving us time to evacuate the building.
Also with the change in wiring regulations these mains battery units were fitted as part of a rewire, taking fire risk into the equation.

What do you require to provide adequate coverage?

You need to give yourself as much early warning as possible. Look at your premises and start in each bedroom and ask yourself what areas could block your escape should you have a fire.

For example, the escape route from bedrooms is normally 1st floor landing, ground floor hall, kitchen and any room you go through to escape the building. This will vary from house to house, you may live in a bungalow or it may be a three storey house. When you put a detector in the kitchen then you would specify a heat detector as a normal smoke detector will activate when you are cooking.

The smoke detector works by detecting small particle that block an optical sensor or in the case of an ionisation detector particles being detected in a particle chamber. Particle detection can be smoke dust or very strong cooking smells. It is always wise to keep the kitchen internal door closed when cooking or using the toaster .

Also be aware that all these devises have a sell by / use by date as they can use have a very small radio active particle within the construction that only lasts for a number of years, so always ask and take note of any sell / use by date.

Certification, if required, can be a written certificate, or a minor works certificate if its an add on to an exiting system.

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The other alternative is, the supply and installation of a fully wire free unit / units. These link together giving you, once again, early warning in the event of a fire. The units are fitted with lithium batteries giving you a battery life of up to 10 years. These cost more to buy in the first place but are maintenance free, ( you still have to test them on a regular basis ).

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You could opt for a combined intruder alarm and smoke detection system, this now gives you more options, a wire free alarm system connected to an existing telephone line, that will if activated, telephone up to 4 pre-programmed telephone numbers, telling them the type of activation, if it's a smoke detector then it will report a fire activation or a Co2 detector will report a gas activation, how good is that? The unit is also an intruder alarm and will also give an audible warning within the protected premises regardless of the type of activation.