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I hope that by the time you have finished browsing our website you would have found it to be helpful and the information will help you manage your fire risk.You can if you wish, do your own fire risk assessment, the rules state that you must be a competent person and versed in the requirements of fire safety, that's quite a tall order, but, if you get it right then good for you, but if you get it wrong and there is an incident where fire officers deem that the fire risk assessment was not correct, the penalties are not only financially challenging but the risk of prison is very likely. It pays to get a fire risk assessment done via a professional who then signs the forms, puts his or her reputation on the line and it's the professional who has to fight your corner should any thing happen.      

Keeping Your Family Safe / Making You Safe At Work And At Home.
Fires do happen. It could be an electrical fault or it could be deliberate.
What ever the reason early detection safes lives. You can rebuild a building
You can't replace a loved one or work colleage.

This website is designed to help you make the right decision in Fire prevention.

If you require official Fire Brigade Guidelines on Fire Risk assessment then click on the link below


We are a business and we install security electrics and of course fire alarms and fire prevention equipment. We can arrange a professional Fire Risk Assessment if required and this puts the legal responsibility into a competent trained person to produce the required document. You can do the fire risk assessment yourself put by doing so you are putting yourself at risk should you make a mistake and we are talking very heavy fines and jail, so is it worth the risk?  

The cost of a fire risk assessment varies on the time it takes to inspect and write the report.
It costs nothing for us to quote you on an individual premises, if you have multiple premises then the cost reduces.

Once you have your risk assessment you can then discuss any highlighted problems and take action to correct any shortfall in fire safety.

As a company we cover all fire detection system from basic smoke detection, mains battery smoke / heat detection linked together to give a common alarm.  Wire free smoke / heat detection. Emergency Lighting. Sign-age, Fire Doors and Closers. On the next level we cover analogue fire alarm systems installation, design and maintenance plus on-going certification.
Analogue Addressable systems would be used for the larger premises.

We are located at 43 Dannett Street Leicester, our contact telephone number - 0116233366
Or you can contact us by email - robert.young57@ntlworld.com       

If you are not familiar with our company and your first contact with us is on-line, we would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help.

We are part of 1st Alarms & Electrical Services Ltd. and also Young Alarms established in 1983.
We are also a Homeserve Franchise looking after Leicestershire and Northamptonshire. You could well have seen one of our vans as we travel all over the county. We are also a Nest Distributor and installer ( Smart Technology for boiler control )

Back to the website, we hope to enlighten you on some of the causes of fires and ways to prevent such happenings. If by someone reading the following pages, it prevents a serious fire or any fire for that matter then the website was worthwhile.

Yes we would love to get work through this website, but on the other hand we feel we have a moral responsibility to share knowledge.

If you have any questions then email me on the above address, If I know the answer I will forward you the information, if I don't then I will point you in the right direction to get you some help.


Bob Young